Aspen Lifecare offers a full range of care from respite, carer support through to permanent resthome and hospital care. A registered nurse is available 24/7.


Carer Support

Carer Support is a subsidy funded by the Ministry of Health. You are eligible if the person you are caring for has an age related disability, needs 24-hour care and you are not being paid a wage to do this. Generally, you will have been doing this for at least six months. To get Carer Support you must be assessed by a Needs Assessment Service Coordination organisation (NASC) or, in some circumstances, by a doctor. They will then allocate your Carer Support days and undertake a review with you, usually after a year. You can use your Carer Support allocation to access Short Stay residential care in one of our care homes.

Permanent Care


Moving into permanent care is often a hard decision for all the family. Permanent care allows the family to be a family again. The responsibility of providing care shifts to our team. It allows family and friends to be just that, family and friends. Come visit and take your loved one out, enjoy spending time with them with no need to worry.

Respite Care

Respite care supports full time carers of people over-65 with high dependency needs. This may be funded by your DHB and you need to be assessed by Support Net. Our Respite Programme maintains the health and well being of carers by giving regular, planned breaks.

Families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home. At times, the physical, emotional and financial consequences for the family caregiver can be overwhelming without some support. Respite provides a break for the caregiver, which may prove beneficial to the health of the caregiver. Our Respite program provides planned short, or long term breaks for the main carer. Respite is a positive experience for both parties. Joining in our full calendar of activities our resident feel like they are part of our family.

Facilitating the Admission Process

You may be eligible for a government subsidy. We can assist you through the process should you wish to make an application. You will need to be assessed by Needs Assessment and Service Coordination as requiring the appropriate level of care and assessed by Work and Income as being eligible for financial assistance.

The admission process for Aspen takes about as long as a good cup of tea. Once the paperwork is completed, you just move in, make yourself at home.


Key Activities

•  Weekly shopping trips
•  Regular lunch outings
•  Inter facility challenges – bowls, quiz
•  Weekly devotions – church service on Friday
•  Regular entertainment
•  Happy Hour
•  Brain teasers

Recent Activity at Aspen

Once a week, there is a craft afternoon that the residents are encouraged and welcome to participate in. In this particular week, they decorated a tin to use as a bathroom bin in their rooms.


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